Interviewing Miami FC star, Richie Ryan

Well. I don’t know about you, but to me, living in Miami and playing professional football sounds like the absolute dream. That is what Miami FC’s Richie Ryan gets to experience day in and day out.

Speaking to me (@_LukeBeaumont), Richie said that living in Miami is a dream and he never thought he would be:

It is a bit of a dream to be honest. I never thought I would be playing/living somewhere like Miami but I suppose it’s one of the perks of football and it gives you opportunities to see the world. It is a beautiful place with plenty to do and see.

In 2017, both Richie and Miami FC had a good year. They finished top of the North American Soccer League, and unfortunately it was a penalty shootout against New York Cosmos that ended their run in the playoffs. Here’s what Richie said about the 2017 season and what they need to do in 2018:

It was a very good year for us. We were a strong/together group of players and I think that we showed that in our performances all year. We set a lot of records that everyone should be proud of.

Moving into 2018, we need to demand more of the same from each other and make sure that the standards stay at the same high level as last season.

It was an iconic coach that led Miami last season, and one of the biggest names in the sport. It was none other than Alessandro Nesta. I asked Richie what it was like to be coached by a man who won both the Champions League and World Cup as a player:

It was a brilliant experience. As a player you dream about being coached and learning from someone of Alessandro Nesta’s calibre.

​Richie Ryan is an Irish professional soccer player who began his career at Sunderland AFC in England.

Sunderland were relegated from the English Premier League last season, and at the time of this interview they are struggling in the Championship. I asked Richie what he thinks of the current situation at the Stadium of Light and whether Chris Coleman is the right man to bring them success:

It is tough to see the club’s position at the moment, but I do believe that Chris Coleman will change the form at the club and get them out of trouble sooner rather than later hopefully because Sunderland is a massive club.

I am always interested in finding out what soccer players want to achieve after their playing days, Richie told me his plans for the rest of his playing career and beyond:

I hope to finish my playing career at Miami, my family and myself are very happy here. I hope to play for another few years.

Coaching and media are definitely two things I have great interest in. As long as I’m working in football/soccer I will be happy.

Finally, I asked Richie if he would recommend playing in the United States to soccer players in both the United Kingdom and Ireland:

There are great opportunities for all players in North America. I know it’s not easy for someone to just up and leave but if players want a new challenge in their career or looking to experience life somewhere else then they should give it a go 100%

I would like to thank Miami FC for giving me the chance to interview Richie, and of course Richie himself for taking the time out to speak to me.


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