Interviewing New York Red Bulls’ Aurelien Collin

This evening will see a great game between Orlando City and New York Red Bulls in the MLS, and it will be a special occasion for a certain player. That player is Aurélien Collin who has played for both clubs and will return to Orlando tonight with the Red Bulls.

I was interested to see how Aurelien feels about the return, so I asked him if he would like to do an interview with me and he was happy to do so – I am very appreciative of that.

Also, I was very interested to hear about his career to date as he has played in many countries around the world including Scotland, Greece, Wales, Portugal and of course the United States. You can see the interview below.

Q: You are a French-born footballer, how did you end up starting your professional career with Gretna in Scotland?

Aurelien: “I began my career as a regular young Soccer player. I went to an academy in the second division in France but I never got a real chance to play in the first team. I decided to leave for Spain, and joined Mallorca. I played a couple of games for them but I didn’t make it into the starting 11 in La Liga. At the end of the year, I signed for Gretna who were in the Scottish Premiership at the time, it was a great experience for me to finally be a starter in a professional first division.”

Q: You have played in many different countries in your career, but your last three clubs (Sporting Kansas City, Orlando City SC and New York Red Bulls) have all been in the MLS. Would you say you’re settled in the States?

Aurelien: “Yes, I am very happy (In the States), I have finally found what I was looking for in Europe which is stability. There is great facilities, great stadiums and I love the fans.”

Q: Who is the best player you have played with, and who is the best player you have played against? 

Aurelien: “I would say that David Beckham and Thierry Henry are the best players that I have played with. One of the best players I have played against, I would say Sebastian Giovinco because he is very small and fast, so he is very complicated to play against, more so than a big/strong player.”

Q: Who was your footballing idol when you were growing up?

Aurelien: “The players that I really admired when I was young were Lilian Thuram, Marcel Desailly, Laurent Blanc and number one was Zinedine Zidane.”

Q: If you weren’t a professional footballer, what would you be doing instead as a career?

Aurelien: “I would have been involved in the military, or been a Lawyer. After my career, I really want to help people or help kids, so I could get into coaching to help and serve.”

Q: I have read about you studying a degree in Fashion Design, is this something you’d like to do after retiring?

Aurelien: “The fashion degree was a small class that I was in during 2012. It helped me with the business that I was creating, my own clothing brand. After my career, I don’t know what I am going to do. I’m 31 and I’ve still got many years in front of me, I’m not thinking about retirement yet.”

Q: What are your goals and expectations this year for yourself and the Red Bulls?

Aurelien: “The expectations are to win the MLS Cup. Last year we won the Eastern conference. In this country it’s different, it’s not so much about the season, it’s about the play offs. So we are focusing on arriving at the play-offs ready so that we can win it.”

Q: Finally, this evening you return to your old club Orlando City SC. Are you looking forward too it?

Aurelien: “We have just landed in Orlando and I am very happy. It’s a city/club and fans that I really love and appreciate. In the U.S.A, Kansas City, Orlando and New York are all cities that I can call home. I am very happy to be back in Orlando, it’s going to be a big game in their new stadium and I am very excited.”


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