Why Alexis Sanchez should choose Manchester City over United

It’s January 15th, we are halfway through the Winter transfer window and we are still none the wiser as to where Alexis Sanchez will end up.

Will he join Manchester City, Manchester United, or will he stay at Arsenal and run down the last six months of his contract?

In my opinion, the best option for his career would be to join the blue side of Manchester. 

A move to Manchester United from Arsenal would be a sideways step. It might not have been 10 years ago but it very much is now. The only reason to join United would be for more money and the real possibility to play in the Champions League, which Arsenal won’t be able to offer, unless they win the Europa League. 

It all depends on Alexis’ motive. If his career goal is to just earn money then United would be the move for him. However if he wants to win Premier League titles and have a good chance of winning European honours then City would be the better move.

It’s been made quite obvious that Sanchez wants to join Manchester City but they will not match Arsenal’s asking price of £35million, however United will. 

So he’s in a bit of a dilemma this month. If he wants to escape Arsenal now then he would have to join United who are reportedly offering a staggering £400,000-per-week contract, and he’d have the opportunity to play in the Champions League this season. However if he wants to join City, it’s looking like he will have to run down his contract at Arsenal and then sign for the blues on a free transfer in the summer.

City are the best option for the Chilean forward because of his attacking style. He would prosper and achieve success under a forward thinking, positive manager like Pep Guardiola rather than a defensive minded coach like Jose Mourinho. 

Manchester City look like they have the league wrapped up already, despite yesterday’s blip at Anfield, and they look like England’s biggest chance of success in the Champions League this season. They are also on the verge of reaching the final of the Carabao Cup, a competition where Manchester United were knocked out by Championship side Bristol City.

If Alexis Sanchez’s true motive is to leave Arsenal because he wants to win trophies, then he will hold out for the move to join Pep Guardiola and Manchester City.


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