FEATURE | ‘Unpopular’ opinions from the world of MLS

A new trend has taken Twitter by storm this week and it is all about unpopular opinions. I have seen topics range from breakfast edition, 13 Reasons Why edition and relationships edition. So as you can see, EVERYONE is talking about it. 

So what opinions are floating around the minds of Major League Soccer fans that are deemed unpopular? I asked on twitter and I received a fair few interesting responses. 

  1. “It’s better than most of the Championship.”

That is a statement that I fully agree with. I see a lot of American soccer fans that assume the Championship is of high quality, just because they have seen Bristol City knock Manchester United out of the League Cup in a one-off game. 

Try watching teams like Rotherham, Bolton and Reading amongst others and try tell me that Atlanta United wouldn’t walk right through all of them. Other high-end MLS sides would also do the same.

2. “Smoke and streamers are both trashy and make your supporters’ groups look low-class.”

For me, this is up there with one of the most unpopular opinions I have seen. Smoke, streamers and tifo are brilliant and it’s one of the greatest things about Major League Soccer as a league. Smoke especially adds to the whole atmosphere and MLS fans are lucky that they are able to use it. Over here in the United Kingdom, you can face a prison sentence for even trying to use pyrotechnics.

3. “Pro/Rel would be great, until a team gets relegated and nobody shows up to the games and they go bankrupt due to wages and travel costs.”

This is an interesting opinion, and I agree that Major League Soccer is nowhere near a position to be able to implement Promotion and Relegation yet. Some MLS clubs already suffer from poor attendances, so it wouldn’t just be relegation to blame. Location of clubs seems to be a big issue with the likes of New England and Chicago Fire.

Promotion and relegation keeps the league interesting all year round. For clubs who aren’t in the playoff picture come the latter end of the year, matches just seem to be a bit of a chore. The addition of relegation would spice things up. Promotion is the best thing you can experience as a soccer fan and I wouldn’t want Americans to miss out. However everything has to be perfect before the implementation can even be considered.

In reality, my opinion doesn’t really matter. The league belongs to American soccer fans and they should decide how their league is structured – You don’t have to follow other formats just for the sake of it.

4. “Bradley Wright-Phillips is the best striker MLS has seen.”

Not an opinion I would deem unpopular, but I’m not sure how MLS fans feel. I wasn’t watching Major League Soccer in the days when the American great, Landon Donovan was firing on all cylinders for the LA Galaxy or even when the brilliant Robbie Keane was doing the same thing, so it is hard for me to compare.

BWP is certainly right up there when I look at the strikers I have seen doing their thing in MLS, but so is David Villa and Sebastian Giovinco. Damn, this is hard. Let me know your thoughts!

5. “Zlatan wasn’t a great signing.”

This isn’t an unpopular opinion, this is simply a fact. Zlatan Ibrahimovic arrived on the MLS scene with a fantastic performance against rivals LAFC, as he even scored a beauty from distance which became worldwide news. 

But in reality, Zlatan isn’t the best team player and the LA Galaxy have done better when he isn’t even on the field. The Galaxy currently sit in 8th position in the West and Zlatan doesn’t seem to care that much as he spends most of his time on TV shows like the one with James Corden. It’s all about Zlatan.

The Galaxy are fortunate they signed him up for a TAM deal…

6. “TAM, GAM and the Salary Cap have no place in MLS.”

I agree with half of this statement.

I have watched and followed MLS for the best part of two or three years now and I still can’t get my head around Targeted Allocation Money and General Allocation Money, it’s all a bit complicated and very strange in the way that it is traded.

However, in terms of the Salary Cap, I really like that as it keeps the league the very competitive one we see today. Just look at how boring the Premier League is in terms of being competitive, I bet you could name next season’s top six right this second. Go on.

7. “Run-up shootout was great.”

I agree. It was very strange, but I agree.

It was one of the things that European soccer fans made fun of, and that’s the way I first came across it when it became a viral video on Facebook. MLS is becoming a top league so it’s probably a good thing that it is no longer, although the concept was pretty cool.

Here is a video for your entertainment (Credit: MLS):


8. “MLS is the best league in the world.”

Yeah, that’s a fact.


…Find some other responses below.


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