Why MLS sides should stay clear of Sunderland flop

Jack Rodwell is reportedly putting an end to his Sunderland nightmare amid interest from Major League Soccer, according to the Sunderland Echo.

The 27-year-old took home a staggering £70,000-per-week last season during Sunderland’s short stay in the Championship, despite only playing a handful of games and featuring for the club’s under 21’s. 

Sunderland owner Stewart Donald confirmed that it’s unlikely Rodwell will still be at the club next week, while MLSsoccer writer, Sam Stejskal confirmed the Englishman is exploring a move to the United States.

On paper, you could be forgiven for thinking Jack Rodwell would be a great addition for 90% of MLS clubs. He’s only 27-years-old, he has Premier League and international experience, plus he even has a Premier League title to his name.

So what’s not to like? Well, enough.

Major League Soccer is moving forward, and I don’t believe the league should accommodate passengers, which Rodwell has been since he signed for Manchester City in 2012. 

Rodwell came onto the scene whilst playing for Everton, a product of the club’s academy before making a big move to Manchester City. There was huge hope and expectations placed on his shoulders and he simply failed to deliver. 

He is very prone to injury (Not his fault, admittedly) and he has only made 83 appearances since leaving Everton six-years ago. Not exactly value for money.

Last season, then Sunderland manager Chris Coleman claimed Rodwell refused to play for the club. Sunderland chiefs offered to rip up the remaining 18-months on his contract but he refused to leave the payoff behind.

I understand that to a degree – But surely if you have the best interests for your career, you would be straight out of the door to take a small pay-cut elsewhere and at least try to fulfill your potential.

In a poll carried out by the Sunderland Echo, 96% of supporters said the player’s time is up and the club must find a way to get him off their books.

Ex Black Cats striker Marco Gabbiadini labelled the midfielder “The worst mistake the club has made.”

And that club has made many mistakes over the last few years…




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