Revealed stomach-churning Austin FC badge sums up the whole situation

The thought of Precourt Sports Ventures’ moving Columbus Crew to Austin, Texas is pretty sad and embarrassing on its own but things just keep on getting worse. At an event in Austin yesterday, PSV unveiled their plans for the club’s colours and badge. 

Brace yourselves because this is pretty horrific…

Anthony Precourt and PSV first showed their lack of originality when they announced the name of the team would be ‘Austin FC’. However, things have got even worse now that the badge has been revealed.  The club’s colours, I assume, will be green and there is a clear ‘tree’ theme within the identity. Where have I seen that before?

As an Englishman, I am used to our generic names for our football [soccer] teams. You know, the likes of ‘Town’s’, ‘United’s’, ‘City’s’ – you catch my drift. In Major League Soccer, you find unique and funky names such as the Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy to name a few. Austin FC just sounds lazy, unimaginative and like an attempt to sabotage existing identities.  

Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers are two successful teams with history and great tradition. They have already claimed the colour green and if they can put their Cascadia rivalry to one side for a second, they would both agree that PSV’s colour choice for Austin FC is both unoriginal and uneducated.

I read a great article on this situation on SB Nation’s Columbus Crew blog, Massive Report. A serious piece with a hint of comedic value. You should read it: Here

I’m happy for Columbus Crew fans and the community because this is simply a huge W for them. It’s an own goal from PSV as they have given the whole of Major League Soccer the chance to have a good laugh at them.

This is just the cherry on the top of an already ridiculous situation. The longer this goes on, the more damage it does to the league’s reputation. To those who can: Sort it out.

Over and out. #SaveTheCrew


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