David Beckham’s Inter Miami could be set to target Cristiano Ronaldo, Radamel Falcao and… James Milner

David Beckham’s Inter Miami are a hot topic of discussion after announcing their club name and crest earlier in the week. Now the identity of the team has been revealed, attention has turned to players who could arrive in the future. 

According to the Daily Mail, James Milner could be a player of interest due to some fairly unknown qualities that the Liverpool midfielder has. Apparently, Milner is a travel enthusiast and speaks Spanish fluently – That would be a key asset given Miami’s huge Spanish-speaking population. 

70 percent of the Miami population are Latino and Spanish speakers, according to a recent census, hence the full franchise name of ‘Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami’.

The franchise, who are set to join Major League Soccer in 2020, will no doubt be looking at and favouring players from the Central and South America regions – they will provide a better connection for local fans and the community. However, do not rule Milner out who is still a consistent performer for Liverpool and may fancy a change of scenery in a couple of years.


Radamel Falcao has come through adversity after recovering from injuries and a less than successful spell at Manchester United – He could be a marquee signing for Inter Miami when the time comes. Speaking in 2016, Falcao expressed an interest in joining MLS whilst he was on loan at Chelsea.

Ahead of Inter Miami’s Major League Soccer introduction, they will certainly need a big name acquisition to accompany it, in the same way Orlando City brought in Kaka, and NYCFC secured David Villa.


The biggest name that the franchise and David Beckham could pull off would be current Ballon d’Or holder, Cristiano Ronaldo. Beckham and the Portuguese superstar have something pretty big in common – They are both former Manchester United number 7’s.

It’s fairly obvious that Ronaldo loves America and wants a stint in Major League Soccer before the end of his career. It’s just a case of who will he join and when. With David Beckham running things and a chance to be the focal point of absolutely everything in Miami, soccer-wise, those could be the main factors in bringing the CR7 brand to Inter Miami. 

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