‘Legend’ is more than appropriate for Bastian Schweinsteiger says Stuart Holden

Former Houston Dynamo and Bolton Wanderers player, Stuart Holden, says ‘Legend’ is a more than appropriate description of Bastian Schweinsteiger, during a Q&A conversation with Chicago-Fire.com.

Having had a spell playing in the English Premier League, Holden has gone on to become a well-respected analyst and commentator in the States. 

The 33-year-old is preparing to call the action between Chicago Fire and Orlando City this weekend which is set to be televised nationally on Fox Sports 1. Ahead of the game, Holden has been speaking to Chicago Fire’s official website about Bastian Schweinsteiger’s legacy and his testimonial game in Munich:

“First of all – his legacy as a player – I think legend is more than appropriate for a guy like Bastian Schweinsteiger. I saw some pictures from your trip over there, and again, it just strikes you when you see him lined up in front of all the trophies he’s won as a player as a part of Bayern Munich and Germany. You realise how decorated this guy is as a member of the German National Team, as a member of Bayern Munich. The other thing as a player that I love about him is he just reads the game so well. He’s not the fastest guy, he’s not the biggest, he’s not the strongest player, but his passing, his ability to be in the right spots all the time, that has allowed him to maintain such a high level over the course of his career. At a club like Bayern Munich where they’re constantly chopping and changing and having to compete at the top, he was always there.

“I look at how he’s approached his time in Major League Soccer, and I think this season we’ve learned more about Schweinsteiger than last. When he came in, the team went on this incredible run and was undefeated and the crowds were big and it jolted a playoff run and the team was top of the league for a while. This season has been tough, and I’m sure one of the tougher seasons in his career, but I would say in following him and watching him, he’s played every position he’s been asked to play, he’s been a positive influence on his teammates, and he’s still done stuff off the field. That speaks to Schweinsteiger the person and the competitor and the player. A guy that is still willing to do everything he can in order for the team to do well.”

Schweinsteiger joined Chicago Fire in March 2017 after Manchester United allowed him to explore a move to the United States. As expected, the World Cup and UEFA Champions League winner has been a key asset in Chicago, guiding the Fire into the playoffs last year.

If you would like to read the rest of Stuart Holden’s Q&A with Chicago Fire, where he also speaks about the USMNT and this weekend’s game, you can do so here.

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